What is your earth-friendly personality?

By Liam Thomson 01 April 2020 3 min read

Welcome to the future. Autonomous vehicles taxi passengers across cities in minutes, nylon and polyester harvested from the world’s oceans are replacing virgin plastics to make designer shoes and houses are going completely off-grid, relying only on solar-generated power and storage.

The development of investment approaches such as green investing, sustainable investing and responsible (ESG) investing has led to huge technological developments over the last decade. Some of these advancements are mere years away from the market, while others have quickly become a new normal in our day to day lives.

Many companies are changing their policies and have already or are moving towards a ‘triple bottom line’ (social, environmental and financial).

A 2017 Nielsen study found 66% of consumers are willing to pay more for green goods, meaning companies that aren’t providing some form of sustainable product or service are moving slower than the times. (Check out this great TED Talk about activist investors and their impact on changing the way companies approach the big issues of today).

So how do you fare when it comes to your spending and investing decisions? Read on to see what your earth-friendly personality is.

1. The Conscious Consumer

The conscious consumer wants you to know that the bikini they have been rocking all summer long is made from recycled materials and it is definitely in.

This personality also happened upon some reusable metal straws in their Kris Kringle and has been whipping them out at every opportunity instead of using plastic alternatives.

ESG investing has come onto their radar fairly recently, but just like their discovery of reusable and recycled products, the conscious consumer will be adopting an eco-friendly investment option in no time.

2. The Thrifty Thinker

If you have been to your local op-shop recently then you are definitely have a thrifty thinker personality. Buying new definitely doesn’t appeal and retro styles have been making a huge comeback through 2018.

Discounts can always be found on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace, and the perfect fit can sometimes mean a size bigger here and there.

Green investing isn’t new to the thrifty thinker, as it has been their norm for many years. Over the next few years as more companies create closed-loop manufacturing processes, the thrifty thinker will be spoilt for choice with options (but will probably stick to their tried and true purchasing habits of someone’s trash being their treasure).

3. The Bag Bringer

A little late to the party, but this personality is doing their bit for the environment.

While 2018 saw the abolition of plastic bags from supermarkets, the bag bringer has always got a spare with them and is yet to have that dreaded moment at the register, realising their reusable bags are still on the bench at home.

They have also found biodegradable bin liners and found themselves a new set of tupperware to replace the hundreds of zip-locks they were only getting one use of at lunchtime.

Green investing is super exciting to the bag bringer and will form a large part of their research prior to any investment.

4. The Keepcup King

Always on the cusp of the latest and greatest, this personality is flashing off their reusable cup every morning on their Instagram story and don’t you know it.

Similar to the conscious consumer, the keepcup king is loud and proud of their new assortment of sustainable gadgets and is building up a wardrobe full of sustainable clothing.

Green investing is numero uno on the list of investment priorities for the keepcup king. They have been reading all about microfinance recently and will finish off their light reading with their favourite company’s ESG report.

5. The Fit Foodie

The fit foodie has been a conscious eater since coconut water and kale came onto the scene. Sometimes waning in and out of the latest food trends, this personality always knows where their meal was sourced from and how it arrived on their plate.

They have replaced skim milk for almond milk in their morning coffee and loves a smashed avo with a fruit smoothie on weekends.

Green investing will be interesting for the fit foodie as meat alternatives come to the mass market in coming years.

What is your earth-friendly personality?