18.12.18 | Last newsletter for 2018.

By Jessica Sier 18 December 2018 2 min read

Welcome to the end of the year!

Because most of you have oodles of time that you can spend reading cool things on the internet, we are going to launch another newsletter.

Thing is, we’ve now got some actual writers here at Spaceship and have assembled a crack team of contributors.

And they are all pumping out some excellent work!

We’ve got guys covering the FIRE movement, we’ve got someone who studied psychology who's examining behaviour, we’ve got ex-financial press who know their way around a franking credit and a something blockchain something derivative.

And rather than just have me blathering on about whatever out here, we should definitely be showcasing their work to you guys.

Because all of Spaceship’s content is written for you to use!

So from next January, every Tuesday, you’ll receive a neat package of high quality Spaceship content straight to your inbox. Think personal finance hacks, how to handle financial anxiety and a stack more Real Money Talk.

And rather than the onslaught of text that meets you now, it will be much easier for you to pick and choose the stuff that piques your interest.

This newsletter, the one you’re reading right now, will still carry on but now on Thursdays.

And for those keyboard warriors who give us food for thought each week, make sure you’ve got us unblocked, with your tongues and CAPSLOCKS sharpened. We so enjoy your feedback.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in throughout the year with suggestions, corrections, outrageous predictions and the one dude who sent us a limerick:

Congratulations to those who began their investing journey (and started thinking about your financial future!) and congratulations to those who are taking advantage of the fact that Spaceship Voyager products are mind-numbingly affordable.

Anyway, see you next year, I’m going skiing.

Words by
Jessica Sier Right Chevron

Jessica Sier is a financial journalist. Prior to that she led content at Spaceship and was a reporter at the AFR where she discovered that breaking down financial jargon was a public good.

18.12.18 | Last newsletter for 2018.