11.07.19 | Live the life you want to live

By Bryna Howes 11 July 2019 3 min read

Around nine months ago, I was interviewing for jobs.

I hadn’t worked for anyone other than myself for more than 10 years, and I hadn’t worked full-time for 3.5 years, so to say I was apprehensive would be an understatement.

Eventually, I scored a second-round interview with Spaceship. Over the space of an hour, I interviewed with four people on different teams. (By the way, all four had names beginning with A, so remembering them was a task unto itself.)

One question that naturally came up was this: Why do you want to work at Spaceship?

For me, the answer was simple. But it had little to do with the job.

A little more than four years ago, I came down with flu-like symptoms seemingly overnight. Over the next few months, I dealt with full-body pain, complete fatigue, brain fog. The works.

These issues didn’t dissipate and after many months and a litany of tests, the doctors diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome. The main outcome of being diagnosed with this incurable and incredibly maddening illness was that I couldn’t really work. For years.

I was lucky, compared to some. A few years prior to becoming ill, I had sold a business, so I had savings to help me get by. When I could do freelance work, I would. But I essentially had to live an incredibly frugal life, as I didn’t know when I would be able to work full-time again.

But that’s kinda the point: I was lucky, not prepared.

So, when asked why I wanted to work at Spaceship, I told that story.

Then, I said something along the lines of: I consider myself a fairly smart person. As financial role models, my parents were solid. Yet, despite the fact I’ve worked since I was 15 years old, I wouldn’t have had a lick of savings to my name if it wasn’t for selling my business.

And I felt supremely embarrassed by that.

But that’s why the Spaceship mission — to enable you to invest in your future, so you can live the life you want to live — speaks to me. It’s personal.

(I got the job, clearly — but I’ll never know if this story is what sold them!)

Anyway, the point is: money can allow us to live big lives.

If we are financially strong, we can hopefully pursue our passions and new experiences. For me, it means I can maintain balance and my health; it’s not about being rich.

As I look around the Spaceship office, I see people from a host of backgrounds, who all have their own money stories and cool future plans. Some of us have spent thousands to try and live permanently in Australia. Some of us stockpile frequent flyer points. Some of us still live at home. There are gobs of stories and ideas and adventures floating around here.

Probably the one thing we all have in common is the mission we’re on.

When we say our mission is “to enable you to invest in your future, so you can live the life you want to live,” we want you to think about what means for you. Whether it’s buying turntables or going on a holiday or retiring at 65, we want it to be personal.

From our side, we feel it’s on us to provide you with the tools to make it happen. We’re not just talking about products such as Spaceship Voyager, either. It’s in the stories we tell; it’s in the way we talk about money and what you can take from everything we produce here.

Last week, as the new financial year began, we got a glimpse at one part of our mission starting to bear fruit. Spaceship Voyager has been up and running for a full financial year. So, I proudly present to you our performance numbers from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019.

Spaceship Index Portfolio: 14.22%
Spaceship Universe Portfolio: 14.23%

The Spaceship Index Portfolio has returned 14.22% in the year to 30 June 2019 and 12.15% p.a. since the Funded Date* (15 May 2018) (14 months).

The Spaceship Universe Portfolio has returned 14.23% in the year to 30 June 2019 and 13.46% p.a. since the Funded Date* (15 May 2018) (14 months).

Whatever “living the life you want to live” means to you — and I hope you’re thinking about that — we’re so thankful you’ve chosen to spend some time with Spaceship along the way.

Happy new (financial) year!

These numbers relate to the performance of each fund.

*The Funded Date (15 May 2019) for a fund is the date on which the fund held shares in at least 90% of the companies within the fund’s target portfolio.

The performance of your investment in either the Spaceship Universe Portfolio or Spaceship Index Portfolio will naturally differ, and will depend on when you invested in the fund. Your return is based on the unit price of the fund when you were issued units.

Also remember, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and is provided for your information purposes only. Returns are net fees, and not a projection.

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Bryna Howes is the Head of Content at Spaceship. She's equally obsessive about cinnamon donuts and scouring the web for great reads.

11.07.19 | Live the life you want to live